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New Century AirCenter

6 Aero Plaza, New Century, KS 66031

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Please contact wing staff with any questions you may have!  


Wing Elected Staff Officers

Wing Leader:

Brian VonBevern   913-461-6777

Email Col. VonBevern


Executive Officer:

Jarrett Bertoncin   913-486-4118

Email Col. Bertoncin


Operations Officer:

Bob Robinson    913-206-8027

Email Col. Robinson


Maintenance Officer:

Jim Stella   913-907-7902

Email Col. Stella


Safety Officer:

Tri Nguyen   913-907-7902

Email Col. Nguyen


Finance Officer:

Tom McChesney    913-907-7902

Email Col. McChesney


Development Officer:

Jim Shryock   913-907-7902

Email Col. Shryock



Beth McCale   913-907-7902

Email Col. McCale


Education Officer:

Janet McKenny  913-907-7902

Email Col. McKenny


Wing Appointed Staff Officers

Chief Flight Examiner:

Steve Zimmerman   913-907-7902

Email Col. Zimmerman


Membership Officer:

Assignment Open


Guest Speaker / Veteran Outreach:

Dave Dyer   913-907-7902

Email Col. Dyer

Open Hangar Day Operations:

Beth McCale   913-907-7902

Janet McKenny

Email Col. McCale

Email Col. McKenny

Public Information Officer (PIO):

Jarrett Bertoncin   913-486-4118

Email Col. Bertoncin

Facility Rentals:

Jim Neese   913-481-6238

Email Col. Neese

Marketing Officer:

Jim Boughan   913-907-7902

Email Col. Boughan


Newsletter Editor:

Position Open    913-206-8027

Email about the Newsletter



Jarrett Bertoncin 913-486-4118

Email Col. Bertoncin

Museum & Library Curators:

Darren Roberts

Email Col. Roberts


Culinary Specialist:

Beth McCale

Janet McKenny

Linda Hanna

Email the Culinary Specialist



John English

John McCullagh

Andrew Krob

Email the Photographers