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Purchase a Warbird Ride


Check this one off your bucket list with a flight in one of our beautiful open cockpit airplanes.


Rides are available at most of our events,

or can be scheduled at a time convenient for you.

Ride prices start at $299. Veteran and active duty military discount available.


To purchase a ride, to schedule an already purchased ride, or for questions:

 call our Operations Officer at (913) 461-6777


Or send an email to:


Open cockpit airplane rides make fantastic gifts for that special person!


Please note that all riders must be at least 12 years of age (with parents signed permission), and able to physically climb in and out of the aircraft under their own power.  Weight limits apply. Flights may need to be re-scheduled due to weather, safety and passenger comfort. 

PT-13 Stearman

Designed in 1934 to meet a US Army specification for a new training airplane, the PT-13 Kaydet was the iconic American training aircraft of World War II.  Around 10,000 Stearmans were manufactured for service with the US Army, US Navy (as the N2S), Canada, The Philippines, and many Central American countries.  Post-war Stearmans became the airplane of choice for cropdusters and airshow performers.  Our PT-13A was accepted by the US Army in 1940 and served throughout the war.  Entering the civilian register in 1946, it was graciously donated to the CAF in 2009 by Tom Hall.  

Currently undergoing maintenance

The PT-19 design began in 1939 as a primary trainer, the first step in the process of training military pilots for the USAAF.  The PT-19 is a low, cantilievered, single wing aircraft with a similar wing loading and flight characteristics of the advanced trainers and fighters of the day, like the P-40 Warhawk.  The PT-19 was used to replace/supplement the older Boeing PT-13 and 17 Stearman.  A pilot would progress from these primary trainers to a basic trainer, the Vultee BT-13, and then to either a North American AT-6 for fighter training or to a Beech AT-9, 10, or 11 multi-engine trainer for transport and bomber training.  Ours is a nearly original 1943 PT-19A Cornell, powered by a 200HP Ranger L-440, inline inverted six cylinder engine.

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